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Bill Brady

My brother died.

The other day, my heart was full of Christmas Spirit and ready to enjoy The Holidays!

Then that phone call from my older sister came.

“Bill died peacefully”.

I heard but did not hear peacefully.

I heard “Bill died”.  My Christmas card to him sits inches away, not finished, not signed, not mailed, and

not needed now.

A hole in my soul is open now and my life is turned upside down.

Christmas is not red, gold, green and snow and Santa and fireplace and tree ….

Christmas 2014 is Family Meetings, Obituary, Service Planned, Cremation and Goodbyes to Bill.

I Tweeted Bill Clinton

Dear Bill&Hillary, Sorry to inform you my brother&your former employee,William B. Brady,Attorney/State of AK passed Dec.11,2014

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Summertime is picnicks, swimming and catching fireflys.

On summer nights,

warm, middle of the summer, nights,

we watch the fireflys

as they circle our heads and fly fast to escape our hands
but we grasp them lovingly and put them in glass jars.
Then put a top on the jar and marvel at the Lights they give,
they glow
yellow glowing in the dark.
My friends are close to me, we marvel at the yellow glowing.
When our parents call us in for the night,
we take off the top of the old miracle whip jar and the
Fireflys FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Away from summer sticky hands that
proudly released them to the SKY!
 – Connie Brady -Houston, Texas
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Since Galveston Died …

Since Galveston Died …

february 10. 2009

it’s not been going well. Don died in Galveston.
Things are not the same.
ALL in one night, Don is gone, The Balinese is gone…
Galveston is gone. The Galveston I knew is gone.
Only the name is there on what is left of the Island but the Hurricane
stole all my wonderful memories and drowned them
and I’m suppose to go on,
like nothing happened,
like I’m strong and can overcome,
like fresh paint and brooms sweeping up broken glass
“just makes it ok”. But it doesn’t.
Nothing is ok.
I don’t know if I will ever be the same. (I won’t).
I’ve never felt like this –
I don’t hurt – I’m too crushed to feel pain.
I’m numb
and Thanksgiving was lonely
Christmas was empty
Valentines Day is four days away
but I don’t have my loves.

I loved Galveston Island
and Don, my friend.

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Galveston Beach

Galveston Beach


The Wonderful Drives To Galveston Island

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Historic Galveston Homes

Before Hurricane IKE


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Seawall Boulevard

Memories of convertible drives down Seawall Boulevard in Galveston, Texas!







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After Midnight, Larry drove the aqua Karmen Gia convertible into downtown Houston. It was summer and the heat in Texas was new to me, but the breeze was humid. I thought it was going to rain, it was so humid, but Larry assurred me it was the humidity from the Gulf. We drove to the bottom of main, over the bridge to North Houston, then back across just so I could see all the lights and the skyscapers. Then we drove into Princes Hamburger Drive In downtown. We placed an order for big hamburgers on seseme seed buns and chocolate shakes and onion rings. Yummie. Famous Princes Hamburgers were like nothing I’d ever eaten. So good! We sat and listened to rock n roll on the radio and then Larry said, “Let’s go to Galveston tonight. Let’s just drive on down there!”  I said, “Yes!”

I had no idea that saying that “Yes” would change my life and I would never live full time anywhere else but in Texas from that point on. That decision to drive to Galveston for a week’s vacation, instead of staying in Houston, gave Galveston Island the opportunity to steal my heart away and claim me forever as its child.


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*        *        *        *         *          *         *        *           *           *           *          *

ZZ Top perform (Down at the) Balinese



Paintings and Glass Etchings on

 Walkway out to the Night Club.


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After Hurricane Ike

I can’t even get started writing about Galveston.
It’s like most of me died.

Nothing will ever be the same again in my life,
not even my tears.

I’m so glad we three lived there (you, your sister and I)
in a sunny, glorious time.
You were
raised there
from 6mo old on – til you were three.
Then we moved back several times;
once in grade school.
Once in high school – your freshman year until
Houston’s High School for The Performing and Visual Arts would
allow Sophomores to enter.
We drove across the crossway, JUBLIANT after your Successful Audition.

Throughout my life, so many important events happened on
~Galveston Island~
I find I was married to her.




Before The Storm…

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Galveston Island…

This whole blog was started to write about Galveston Island …

and I didn’t do it.

I got cold feet. 

How to keep parts of my book out of the Blog?

How to separate characters from the book and not write about them on the Blog.

I just don’t have a nack for blogging and I failed myself and my project.

I didn’t write about Galveston Island .. and now it’s gone. It’s Gone!

The Galveston Island that I knew is gone! Forever!

Hurricane Ike whipped through and like a whore stole all I loved,

trashed it, sucked it bare to the bone and fled like the bitch it was.

Mother Nature at her worst; her stepchild Hurricane on crack and cocaine.

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